Gas Central Heating

Gas central heating is one of the most popular heat sources available for warm water central heating world-wide. Gas central heating provides heat to radiators and underfloor systems equally well and the Baxi boilers can be used with either natural gas or LPG; this makes gas central heating a more flexible option when determining what heat source is right for you.

After decades of improvements to gas technology, gas boilers are now small, powerful, inexpensive, sophisticated, and efficient (up to 98%). The combination of low cost per KWh and low installation cost and makes the gas central heating system a great option for many New Zealand homes.

Gas Boiler

Central Heating New Zealand offers a variety of compact, efficient boilers from Baxi – The UK’s best-loved brand. The range includes condensing, standard efficiency, and combi (combination) boilers. All residential models are wall hung, out of sight, but within reach when needed.

Gas boilers can run in extremely cold conditions and are virtually silent. They can be positioned almost anywhere, inside or outside a house, and are flued to the outside much like a log burner.

Annual servicing for gas boilers ensures the retention of efficiency (low running costs) and keeps the system running smoothly. Baxi prides themselves on their market-leading quality gas boilers that come with a 5-year warranty.

If you are interested in gas central heating for your home, talk to our friendly team today.