Total privacy, total immersion, totally New Zealand. PurePods provides you with your own slice of paradise. Made entirely of heavy-duty triple glazed glass, so you can experience the starry night skies and the native plants growing beneath your feet. Tucked away in isolation, the glass cabin provides luxury whilst being surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds, the bush…it is a whole new world.


A glass cabin in the wild. Great in Summer, but how about in the middle of winter?

When it comes to heating a home/dwelling there are many factors that influence the amount of heat required to achieve a comfortable room temperature…factors such as heat loss through windows, floor, walls, ceiling/roof, and air leakage. Building materials and insulation usually stop a lot of heat from being lost to the colder outside. But when the whole building is made of glass the heat loss is extreme and the heat required for comfort changes dramatically.

How do you heat a glass cabin?

PurePods clever innovation is that the glass floor panels have hollow stainless-steel frames, which warm water is pumped through – evenly disbursing the heat throughout the glass floor and the framing. Tucked away underneath the kitchen bench, is a small warm water fan coil heater which assists with the heating of the cabin. From a recent stay, we can confirm the cabin is totally cosy in mid-winter in a howling southerly.

PurePods Underfloor

The warm water heating the glass floor, the fan coil heater, and the hot water for the shower is heated from super energy efficient Firebird bio-diesel capable boiler that is silent and unseen situated in a bunker a short distance down the hill from the PurePod. The electrical component required for the boiler electronics and circulating pump as well as the LED lighting in the PurePods is run off battery storage solar power.

PurePods Boiler

A completely sustainable, off-grid solution.

The warm cosy cabin lets you enjoy the breath-taking views of the sweeping coastline to farmlands either from the comfort of the deck or the bed.

PurePods Interior

PurePods Views