Olivers Lodge and Stables

Olivers was established in 1869 by merchant Benjamin Naylor. After seeing an opportunity in the 1860s to open a store named The Victoria Store providing provisions for miners. Throughout the years Olivers has had different owners and a complex extension of eight stone buildings and structures, built in the vernacular style and spread over half an acre on the corner of Sunderland and Naylor Streets, in the centre of Clyde.

The store was passed through several hands over time, but it was Fleur Sullivan who launched it into national prominence in 1977 when she opened the highly successful restaurant in the Benjamin Naylor’s store and named it Oliver. She also created Olivers Lodge accommodation from the existing outbuildings and homestead. Recognised as one of Otago’s most significant heritage building, Olivers has helped revitalise tourism in the area.

Olivers Lodge and Stable Restaurant

Central Heating New Zealand was excited to be a part of this historical project. Our DeLonghi PHD Radiators are the perfect addition for the 1860 style. Not only do they provide radiant heat for customers in the restaurant they also compliment the interior design.