We love quality

At Central Heating New Zealand, we value quality, in fact, we love it! We believe that the products we import to New Zealand and install into your homes must be the definition of quality to ensure that you feel the gentle, enveloping radiant heat in every room of your home.

DeLonghi's History

In 1902, the De’Longhi family set up a workshop supplying heating parts to the local industry in Treviso, Italy. Over the next 70+ years, they perfected their first company-branded product, an oil-filled heater. De’Longhi has since gone on to become the household appliance name, producing all items from kitchen appliances to central heating.

DeLonghi radiator in lounge

Central Heating New Zealand love that De’Longhi produces their radiators from European steel, their Multicolonna radiators are individually pressure tested, their ability to customise the colour of their radiators, and the number of radiators they produce. Their radiators are then packed and shipped over to New Zealand, where they are stored securely in our warehouse before they are fitted into your home. De’Longhi offers technical and logistical support and they hold their spot in the upper premium end of the market. After being in the industry for over 100 years De’Longhi stands by the quality and reliability of its radiators, which come with a 25-year warranty.

Quality Partners

The companies that Central Heating New Zealand partners with, proudly stand by their quality, innovation, reliability, energy-efficiency, and overall durability of their products. When you purchased your tailored heating system for your home, you might not have known that each of your products comes with a warranty. Warranties vary from product to product, like De’Longhi products, who offer a 25-year warranty to Baxi Gas Boilers, who offer a 5-year warranty. These warranties were created to protect you and your system but also to show you how confident our suppliers and we are of the quality of their products.

At Central Heating New Zealand we recommend that you keep your specific product instructions and date of installation. Ensure your annual system servicing is up to date to avoid your warranty becoming void. Please note: systems must be used for their intended use and not tampered with for the warranty to be valid. In the unlikely case that something happens to your system or a specific product in your system, do not hesitate to call us and we will work with you to create a solution.

So, whether you have a Baxi hot water cylinder, Chofu heat pump, or Nest controller check out what warranty your product has here.

*Warranties are subject to conditions