Why we choose Multitubo

When it comes to your central heating system every component has an important role to play. From your controls to radiators, to manifolds, and even to your pipe – they all work together to create whole-home radiant heating.

One of the most important parts of your system is your pipework. It needs to be reliable and easy to install as it typically gets installed in the small wall, floor, or ceiling cavities throughout your home.

Established in 2004 and behind the brand of Multitubo systems, there is an experienced team that has been able to implement a successful product into the market. In 2005, Multitubo extended the sales organization in Germany and started the export business and within a short year in 2006, the German wholesalers recognized the potential of innovation in the young brand. Therefore, we have chosen to supply a top-quality product by Multitubo (a German-based company).

PERT Underfloor pipe tied to structural mesh

Central Heating New Zealand partnered with Multitubo in 2007. Multitubo supplies Central Heating New Zealand with high-quality fittings, composite and PE-RT pipe and has outstanding standards using state-of-the-art machinery. As a company, they pride themselves on their high standards and stand for long-lasting and safe products. All Multitubo pipes come with a 25-year warranty* which talks highly to their quality and long-lasting products. 

Multilayer pipes are the perfect material for an installation. As a modern compound material, it fulfills a high-performance profile and is also gentle on resources due to the low content of the energy-consuming metal. Additionally, PE-RT is 100% recyclable and so it can be returned to the raw material.

Multitubo realises that there are cheaper products in the market and there are companies with a wider product range but what they do not have is the power of innovation, a permanent top quality, and a high degree of service. For Multitubo price is just a factor but a guarantee of long-term quality is the real success. So, whether it is the pipe for underfloor heating or radiator heating Multitubo has the products for the job, check out their products here.

Multitubo PE-RT pipe is BRANZ appraised (appraisal #916) and Multitubo Composite pipe is BRANZ appraised (appraisal #740).

 *Warranties are subject to conditions