Multitubo Pipe

When it comes to your central heating system every component has an important role to play. From your controls to radiators, to manifolds, and even to your pipe – they all work together to create whole-home radiant heating.

One of the most important parts of your system is your pipework. It needs to be reliable and easy to install as it typically gets installed in the small wall, floor, and ceiling cavities throughout your home. Therefore we have chosen to supply a top-quality product by Multitubo (a German-based company). They produce high-quality pipes with outstanding standards using state-of-the-art machinery. As a company, they pride themselves on their high standards and stand for long-lasting and safe products.

Composite Pipes

Multitubo Pipe

Multitubo pipes are used to transfers warm water from the heat source to the radiators and underfloor networks. They are also used for the underfloor pipe network which emits radiant heat throughout a home.

We supply two types of Multitubo pipe, PE-RT, and Composite. Both pipe types are made from a new generation polyethylene material with raised temperature resistance (PE-RT). The primary difference between the two is the composite pipe has an aluminum oxygen barrier included within the pipe.

PE-RT Pipe

PE-RT pipe is strong yet highly flexible and can be easily bent without any tools. Some of our experience trade customers have commented that it’s the easiest pipe they have ever installed, saving them heaps of time on underfloor installations. PE-RT pipe is specifically used for underfloor heating applications.

PE-RT pipe has a lifetime in excess of 50 years but comes with a 25-year warranty. Its maximum operating temperature is 70ºC @ 4 Bar and has a maximum operating pressure of 6 Bar.

  • BRANZ Appraisal N0. 916
Multitubo PE RT Pipe
Multitubo Composite Pipe System

Composite Pipe

Composite pipe is strong yet highly flexible and can also be easily bent without any tools. The aluminum liner makes this pipe more rigid than the PE-RT pipe and maintains more of its form when bent. For smaller and more precise rounding, bending-springs can be used.

The multi-layered composite pipe is formed from longitudinally overlapped welded aluminum with inner and outer layers of polyethylene raised temperature (PE-RT), tightly bonded to the aluminum with adhesive to form the pipe. The multi-layer composite pipe is oxygen tight, which prevents any oxygen diffusion through the pipe wall. Oxygen diffusion from the surrounding environment into the pipe system increases the potential for corrosion of the metal components in the system.

Much like the PE-RT pipe, composite pipe has a lifetime in excess of 50 years but with a 25-year warranty. Its maximum operating temperature however is 95ºC @ 10 Bar and maximum operating pressure is 10 Bar. Composite pipe is suitable for potable hot and cold-water supply, radiator heating, and underfloor heating elements.

  • BRANZ Approved No 740 (2011)

Key Benefits

  • High material safety design for continuous use
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Absolutely oxygen tight (Composite pipe)
  • Stable form, no spring back forces
  • Low thermal length expansion
  • No deposits because of the smooth inside wall
  • No corrosion because of the high chemical resistance
  • Low weight
  • Maintenance-free
  • Quick and easy installation
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