General Central Heating

How efficient is central heating?

A well designed warm water central heating system matches the heat loss of your home with the performance of the system. This is worked out by design engineers and equipment placed in optimum positions rather than an appliance that is off the shelf and put anywhere. Also, Radiant heating systems heat objects and surfaces in the home unlike forced air systems, so the feeling is of greater comfort with a lower air temperature.

Why is a warm water central heating system better than other forms of heating?

Two-thirds of the world use central heating to keep warm during the winter months.  It is without doubt the most efficient and effective whole-home heating solution. There are a variety of reasons why central heating has maintained its position as a market leader. Here are just a few of them:

  • Warm water central heating can use a variety of fuels (like gas, diesel, electricity, and geothermal energy) whereas with most heating you are limited to one type of energy, typically electricity. With warm water central heating, you can also change out your heat source in the future if there are significant changes to the supply or cost of fuel.
  • Water transfers energy at four times the rate of air, making warm water central heating so much more efficient than warm air systems.
  • Radiant heat (i.e., from a radiator or underfloor heating in a central heating system) is much more comfortable to the human body than forced air. Warm air systems such as heat pumps are also drafty, noisy and there are often cold spots. None of these things happen with a warm water central heating system. It is just warm and comfortable, all the time!

What makes warm water central heating such a healthy heating option?

Because there is no forced air flow, central heating is perfect for people with respiratory or allergy problems. We have even had customers comment that their asthma almost completely disappeared after the first winter with central heating! In addition, there are also no naked flames or elements to be a danger to children or the elderly.

A warm, dry home is a healthy home. Putting central heating in an old house can eliminate up to 80% of condensation problems. The heating system will dry out the structure of the home because dry air condenses less than damp air.

How does central heating compare with Air-to-Air heat pumps?

As you are heating more of the home, it is going to be more expensive than one air to air heat pump to run. But often only the same as running two air to air heat pumps – but with all the home heated far better than these can achieve.

What is the best heat source for the system?

If you have natural gas on tap (North Island), this is the best value for money. In other parts of New Zealand, a Diesel boiler or air to water heat pump give similar running costs for a bit extra install cost. LPG is ok for small new homes. Geothermal and biomass options are high install costs but low running costs.

How much does a central heating system cost to install?

As little as 8m2 build cost of your house.

How much does it cost to run a warm water central heating system?

As little as two cups of coffee per day.

For more information, visit our How much does central heating cost? page.

Can I run a heating system from my solar?

Heating from solar has been tried, and it can work during the summer months when you do not want or need it.

What is included in an annual service?

We recommend an annual service of your central heating system to maintain optimal efficiency. A service should cost in the region of $293 to $363+GST.

Key service features include:

Heat Source

  • Check heat source general operation
  • Clean (combustion chamber, heat exchanger, etc.)
  • Inspect Filters


General System

  • Check overall system operation
  • Check system pressure
  • Check the fluid in the system has the correct dosage of inhibitor to prevent corrosion

Why should I contact Central Heating New Zealand about heating my home?

As one of the original central heating companies in NZ, and with an experienced team including salespeople and engineers, we are the experts! We import the products from Europe and Japan, supply to preferred installers nationwide, and have our own installation division who work in the Canterbury region. We know the products and systems inside out and can design the most efficient and effective systems for each individual home.

I’m interested in getting started. What now?

Contact us so that we can fully understand your requirements and plans. We can develop a proposal that meets your heating needs, free of charge. Central Heating New Zealand has the skills, products, and people to help you. We offer expert technical advice and customer support and import only the highest quality European products. Our team works hard to find the right heating system for your home, budget, and lifestyle—contact our friendly team now!

I have other questions, who can I talk to?

Please contact our friendly sales or after-sales team. Our team will work hard to provide the answers to any further questions you have.