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Power of One

Homeowners seek alternative to three heat pumps and high heating bills

Heating Modern Revamp Build


  • Firebird Enviromax outdoor boiler x1
  • Delonghi PHD radiators x8
  • Delonghi Richmond chrome linea towel rail x2
  • 460L fuel tank x1


Seeking all over warmth and home comfort, the work-from-home property investor approached Central Heating New Zealand for help.  The homeowner wanted a heating solution that reduced condensation, drafts and monthly bills.


Radiators and a diesel boiler were chosen as the ideal solution.  Seeking minimal disruption, Central Heating New Zealand worked with the renovation's project manager to pre-pipe the heating system when access to the floor space and wall cavities was available. Radiators were added up and downstairs at a later stage when the interior walls had been painted.


There are no cold spots in the house thanks to whole-home heating. Towel rails, incorporated into the heating system ensure warm, fluffy towels throughout the winter months. Monthly heating bills have been reduced by $300. The client, who was delighted with the sales and installation process, is now installing central heating in her parents' house.

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