Reduced costs, increased comfort

High-end heating system complements sophisticated architectural build in the prestigious subdivision

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Private residence at Palmview, Rangiora, North Canterbury



A two-storey single-glazed facade was always going to present a challenge for Central Heating New Zealand's design engineers. Requiring further consideration; the proposed heating solution also needed to provide hot water and heat an external swimming pool.


After much consideration, it was decided the most economical form of heating would be a geothermal heat pump. A DeLonghi 18.7 kW heat pump, extracting warmth from well water, was used to heat 210 square metres of ground floor space, a 500 litre hot water cylinder, and an outdoor pool.

The high-end heating system perfectly complemented the home and aligned with subdivision covenants. 


Annual heating, hot water and pool running costs are around $4000. 

The system works at a rate of 5:1. One unit of electricity provides five units of heat energy, regardless of the outside conditions. In cooling mode, the efficiencies are even higher.

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