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Nestled in a valley surrounded by a winding river, this location is rich in cascading views and in its gold-mining history. Just an hour away from Nelson, Baton Valley was an established settlement in 1859 with a hotel, store, school, and racecourse. The owners lovingly rebuilt a replica of the original 1860’s Baton Hotel positioned on the historical land. With unpredictable weather and exposure to the elements, the owners needed a heating solution that would provide adequate warmth, was eco-friendly, high-quality with low running costs, and reliable.

Installer: Whole Home Heating


With access to a forest of wood, our 45kW Attack Wood Gasification Boiler paired with radiators was the perfect fit, aesthetically and practically for this central heating installation. Biomass or in this case wood-based fuel is an important part of the energy industry for New Zealand as it is a renewable fuel that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Log burner boilers require a lot of wood and produce a lot of energy that can be transferred into the water, so pairing two 1,000L buffer tanks is a necessity and optimises the efficiency of the heating system. This stored heat effectively heats the 12 DeLonghi radiators in each room of the rebuilt Baton Hotel.


We supplied our green and eco-friendly Attack 45kW Gasification boiler, x12 high-quality and reliable DeLonghi radiators, x2 1000L insulated buffer tanks, a 100L expansion vessel, and a thermostatic controller. The convenience of readily available fuel at the fingertips adds to the economical low on-going running costs, clean-burning, and provides a high combustion efficiency of 86%. By choosing this system, the owners have a radiantly warmed home that is green and sustainable for years to come.

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Learn more about Baton Hotel's history.

Historical Image: A.E. Taylor, Baton Accommodation House Nelson Provincial Museum, Tyree Studio Collection: 181644
A.E. Taylor Baton Accommodation House Nelson Provincial Museum Tyree Studio Collection 181644 Baton Valley Accommodation

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