Hooked on a feeling

Whole home heating for a family home

Hooked on a feeling


This architecturally designed home is all about the fine details. From concrete precast tilt panels, Corten steel, polished concrete, to rich weathered exposed wood trusses, all the high-quality products were the key to the success of this project. The owners, who work within the construction industry, wanted a heating solution that was unobtrusive, high-quality and a whole-home solution for their open-plan home.


Underfloor heating proved to be the best solution for the homeowners as polished concrete was non-negotiable to match their style aesthetic in the open-plan living area. Typically, polished concrete can create a cooling effect under your feet but with underfloor heating, the homeowners will experience the most luxurious form of heating as the heat radiates from the floor up in every room of their home. Their floor will be warm to the touch and there will be no air, drafts, or dust being blown around resulting in a quiet and healthy home. The system is hidden from view and unlike radiators or surface-mounted heat pumps which take up wall space – the underfloor system seamlessly adds to the homeowner’s interior and large open-plan aesthetic. The homeowner opted for an electrical heat source (Air-to-Water heat pump), which offers substantial power and heat output at an affordable running cost.


Central Heating New Zealand supplied Multitubo PE-RT pipe which has a 50-year warranty for the radiant underfloor and a reliable Chofu air-to-water heat pump. The convenience of an electric heat source, coupled with the economical output of an underfloor system is becoming highly desired by Kiwi homeowners around New Zealand. With two programmable thermostats controlling each zone, provides the ideal solution for the homeowners to schedule heating to come on and off automatically. By having an air-to-water heat pump and underfloor system, the homeowners have future-proofed their home for a cooling upgrade at later date for a minimal cost; essentially giving them two systems in one.

Architecturally designed exterior Architecturally designed home Architecturally designed polished concrete Hooked on a feeling home

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