Warmth with style

Enviromax outdoor diesel boiler provides indoor comfort

DeLonghi Multicolonna Radiator



After a trip to Europe and experiencing diesel boilers heating radiators, the homeowner was after the whole home, radiant warmth, and comfort for their home in New Zealand. With an eye for art and home-style, the homeowner was seeking radiators that added style to the room but also warmth.


DeLonghi Multicolonna provided the perfect solution for this renovation. Their eye-catching columns perfectly enhance modern or villa styled homes. And often are used as an ‘art piece’ by many customers. Central Heating New Zealand worked with the homeowner to strategically place radiators, to utilize wall space and optimise heating. The programmable thermostat allows the homeowner to make further heating adjustments. An outdoor diesel boiler and the fuel tank was the preferred option for the homeowner.


Radiators provide responsive and flexible heating; the high-water volume of the radiators means they continue to heat the home long after the diesel boiler has turned off. The Firebird Enviromax Outdoor boiler and fuel tank provide the perfect solution when space is limited, and their weatherproof casing is fully insulated.

DeLonghi Multicolonna Radiator Short DeLonghi Multicolonna Radiator Vertical DeLonghi Multicolonna Radiator White Firebird Environmax Outdoor Boiler Fuel Tank Bund

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