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Good News! We are open for business during the lockdown to assist you with sales, quotes, designs and technical support during this period of change. Please follow the link for people to talk with.


  • Stephen Jenkins

    Wealth of experience

    As Galadriel from The Lord of the Ring said: “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”.

  • Variotherm Underfloor Heating

    Variotherm – the ultimate in surface heating and cooling

    Variotherm celebrated 40 years of operation in 2019. This innovative family owned company has developed revolutionary products and systems over this time that have led to their success.

  • Artboard 6 copy 53x

    Central Heating Road Show

    What felt like a journey to the end of the earth turned out to be a very successful initiative to share the new Firebird Diesel Boiler, Elco Blue Technology Burner...

  • IMG 6689 Web

    More hands on deck

    As Central Heating New Zealand grows so does the need for more hands on deck. Laura has joined our marketing team to help step up our presence in the market.

  • IMG 6665 Banner

    A little support goes a long way

    At Central Heating New Zealand we believe in valuing the strengths of others in the team.

  • Nest Control

    Nest Thermostat Review

    The following Nest product review has been taken from In conclusion, Nest’s simple controls and great-looking thermostat make it a top product.

  • Cold Homes in Rangiora

    Building Chilly Bin Homes

    Kiwis traditionally rely on the sun to heat their homes but in grey weather or in this case, average positioning, what we have is essentially a chilly bin - a...

  • Duo tec Gas Boiler in Modern Kitchen 2

    How safe is my boiler?

    A faulty boiler can have several knock-on effects. It can cost more to run, leave you without heat in the winter and, at worst, is dangerous. So how do you know which boiler issues are minor and which require more urgent action?

  • Homeshow

    Manawatu Home and Lifestyle Show

    Want to know more about installing underfloor central heating in your new home or retrofitting radiators into your current?  Bring your plans and ideas to us at the Manawatu Home & Lifestyle Show and we can discuss your latest project.

  • heatpump

    Chofu switches to R32 refrigerant

    Chofu, Japan’s leading air-to-water heat pump manufacturer, has switched to R32 refrigerant across its entire range of heating products.  Chofu’s second generation, air-to-water heat pump is the first of its kind to be rolled out across New Zealand.

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