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    Confidence in your heating system

    So, you’ve been working with our sales team and decided on the heating system you would like in your home.

  • Baxi Duo Tec Combi Lifestyle Standard Efficiency web

    Gas Central Heating

    Gas central heating is one of the most popular heat sources available for warm water central heating world-wide.

  • PurePod Sunset


    Total privacy, total immersion, totally New Zealand. PurePods provides you with your own slice of paradise.

  • diesel hero

    Why we chose Firebird

    From its modest beginnings in a garage of one of the founders over 40 years ago, Firebird has developed into a renowned heating boiler manufacturer on the global market.

  • Julie 50th Birthday

    Stuck in the 70s and a love for old cars

    Julie has been the go-to person in our trade sales department since 2007. Known for her hard-working, kind and helpful manner, Julie is a ray of sunshine to everyone she...

  • Chofu Air to Water Heat Pump

    Why we chose Chofu

    Chofu is Japan’s leading air-to-water heat pump manufacturer. Chofu started operation in 1954 as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, based in Shimonoseki, Japan.

  • Servicing Heat Pump

    5 Benefits to Servicing Your Heating System

    So, you’ve had your heating system in your home for almost a year and realised your annual servicing is coming up…we get it, life gets busy and next thing you...

  • New Baxi Boiler

    Why we chose Baxi

    In 1866, founder Richard Baxendale started Baxendale & Sons (Baxi) based in Preston, Lancashire. Baxi quickly became responsible for many of the key engineering breakthroughs which have revolutionised the boiler market.

  • Warranty DeLonghi Radiator

    We love quality

    At Central Heating New Zealand, we value quality, in fact, we love it! We believe that the products we import to New Zealand and install into your homes must be...

  • Top 10 Benefits

    Top 10 Benefits of Central Heating

    So, you have been considering central heating? We believe it will be the best investment you can make in your home and for your family.

  • lorilee mclaughlin 1920

    From the ground up

    At Central Heating New Zealand we believe in the right fit for the role. Lorilee has joined our Business Development team based in Auckland.With 15 years’ experience in sales, construction,...

  • Olivers Lodge and Stable

    Olivers Lodge and Stables

    Olivers was established in 1869 by merchant Benjamin Naylor. After seeing an opportunity in the 1860s to open a store named The Victoria Store providing provisions for miners.

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