DeLonghi Slim Radiator Range - Type 21

Central Heating New Zealand is proud to be the official distributor for DeLonghi radiators and are pleased to bring you a new development in the range.

The type 21 DeLonghi radiator is now a thinner version at 66mm thick. The previous type 21 was 85mm thick so the new one is much less obtrusive on the walls. In fact, its only 3mm thicker than the thinnest DeLonghi type 11 radiator. So because it has a far greater output than the type 11, we are dropping the type 11 from our range. After all, 3mm thicker for nearly twice the output is a no brainer for keeping your customers warm.

To keep the costs down and be better for avoiding damage in transit, the integrated valve and easy-fit brackets are now provided separately to the radiator. But are still included in the cost!

The integrated valve and concealed pipework make these radiators look sharp in any home.

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