Heat Sources

Zen Indoor/Outdoor Combi



The Zen is a condensing combi boiler from Rinnai—who are well known for their high quality and reliable appliances. With a compact chassis and smooth aesthetics, it has some great innovation compared with European boilers. The versatile indoor/outdoor installation option, along with the factory WiFi app control sets it apart in the market. The boiler can be plumbed as a system only or as a combi suitable for the single bathroom application.

  • Indoor/outdoor boiler
  • Built-in WiFi app
  • Built-in energy monitor
  • Quick heat up modes
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Onboard condensate neutralizer
  • Combi flow-rate 13.5L per min @ 25°C rise (BRZEN24)
  • Combi flow-rate 19.6L per min @ 25°C rise (BRZEN34)
  • Market-leading 5 year warranty
  • Maximum heating power =20kW (higher heating performance available with system design by CHNZ engineering team)
  • Zen Laterale Comando OFF
  • Zen Laterale Comando OFF
  • Output: 24kW
  • Output: 34kW