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The European screed is the most common method of underfloor throughout the rest of the world for warm water central heating in residential buildings.

Unlike the Kiwi Inslab method, it is possible to install screed (a type of concrete) in an existing home, but because it requires major renovation and a loss of room height (85mm), it is generally installed in new homes.

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In this method, the pipes are clipped to polystyrene, which sits on top of the construction slab of the house. A 50mm screed of cement mix is laid on the polystyrene. Edge insulation assists in reducing energy loss from the heated screed. The lower thermal mass of the thinner heated floor means the reaction time of the floor is faster than the Kiwi Inslab method, although it will still take four or more hours to respond.

EzyMix EM490 self-leveling anhydrate screed has been designed with this in mind. Developed for optimum install speed, up to 1,000m² of EzyMix can be laid in a day and give a smooth surface that is loadable within 36 hours.

Mechanical engineers, architects, and site managers are critically acclaiming EzyMix screed. Working together, the partnership has halved construction time, removed all problematic issues of cement screeds, reduced floor thickness, and lowered running cost.

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