Responsive heating required

Two-storey villa designed and built by Navigation Homes



  • Baxi ECO3 1.240Fi system boiler 24kW x1
  • Delonghi PHD radiators x12
  • Digital programmable thermostat x1


The homeowners requested a heating solution that was adaptable to their family demands as much as the ever-changing Wellington weather.


Central Heating New Zealand supplied Delonghi PHD radiators which have an industry-leading heat up time. The radiators are designed to produce the greatest heat output from the most compact surface area. As a result, they require minimal wall space. They are also completely silent when operating. The heat source was a gas boiler that was discreetly situated in the loft space above the garage.


Radiators provide responsive and flexible heating. They heat up and cool down quickly, so are ideally suited to New Zealand’s changeable weather conditions and the typically busy lifestyles of New Zealanders. The programmable thermostat allows the owners opportunity to make further adjustments whilst on the move.

bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Kitchen Landing

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