• Designer Radiators and Towel Rails

    Scirocco started in 1989 when Maria Pia Bertona ventured into the world of radiators in the Province of Modena.

  • Renewable Energy Biomass Boilers

    As New Zealanders, most of us are familiar with the concept of lugging the firewood off the trailer, stacking it inside the garage wall, and when you need to fill…

  • Gas boilers: the preferred heat source

    Whether you have an existing home or building new, central heating can be tailored to your project’s needs – whilst ensuring every room is comfortably warm, even during the coldest…

  • To me, central heating is the dream

    "Life changes when you live with central heating" says Lyall Smith in the interview with Radio New Zealand (RNZ) hosts, Stan and Hamish.

  • Smart Heating & Cooling Comfort

    Underfloor heating is well known for its high comfort during winter. But underfloor cooling is a new phenomenon being offered in the New Zealand market by several companies.

  • Heating Comfort and Why The Experts Get It Wrong

    Feeling ComfortableEveryone has a different personal level of comfort. But there are some key things that enable some heating systems to make a home extremely comfortable.

  • Korado Radiator

    The Korado Line radiator is a smooth, linear-lined steel panel radiator with a contemporary look.

  • Why we choose Arroll

    Since its beginning in 2003, Arroll quickly became internationally recognised for its cast iron radiators.

  • Eager to learn

    At Central Heating New Zealand, we believe in innovation as a company and individuals.

  • Experience is an asset

    At Central Heating New Zealand, we appreciate other’s strengths and efforts. Based in Christchurch, Sam is a familiar face for many having previously worked at Central Heating.

  • Get more out of your central heating by heating your pool or spa

    Most outdoor swimming pools that Kiwi’s have at home are for use over the summer period. Heating the pool in the shoulder seasons extends the use and fun factor.

  • National Road Show 2021

    In March, our trailer was packed and filled to the brim with all things central heating.

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