• Building for the Future: Central Heating NZ and Rinnai Break Ground on Innovative Facility

    Central Heating New Zealand and Rinnai are proud to announce that ground works have started at their new site, this is an exciting development making the project come to life.

  • Hydronic Frost Heave Systems

    Commercial freezers and cold storage facilities play a crucial role in preserving perishable goods, but they also present challenges, particularly regarding the potential for frost heave to impact the structural…

  • Launch Auckland warehouse - Pickups now available

    We are pleased to announce that we have brought on-line our capability to process orders from Rinnai’s warehouse in Auckland We are holding popular stocked items in this warehouse, including: Heat Pumps, Gas…

  • Exciting News: Introducing Our Innovative Training Van 

    We are excited to unveil a first in New Zealand that's been over a year in the making - our brand new Training Van! This unique project is designed to…

  • Emerging Engineering Talent

    From the Philippines to New Zealand, Roi's engineering journey is a fusion of innovation and inspiration.
  • A Warm Heart in Upper South Island

    With 4+ years of experience, she's an integral part of Central Heating New Zealand's success in the Upper South Island.
  • Boundless Opportunities in Central Otago

    Leaving behind the pristine white shores of Jervis Bay, Australia, in 2012, Alice embarked on a journey to the idyllic lakeside town of Wanaka, nestled in the southern region.

  • Designer Taste and Designer Radiators

    If you have a taste for something a bit fancier or off the beaten path, Central Heating New Zealand has got something right up your alley.

  • Underfloor, Radiators or Both?

    Hydronic central heating stands out as the optimal heating solution for all types of homes.

  • Transcontinental Central Heating Experience

    Tony is a highly experienced individual in the central heating industry, having worked in both the UK and New Zealand as a qualified gas and heating technician.

  • From Residential to Commercial

    Having been raised in a home with central heating, Roger understands the transformative power it can have on a living space.

  • Our Sales Team

    At Central Heating New Zealand, we're super proud of our sales team. They're not just your typical professionals, they're like a support squad that goes above and beyond.

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