• Designer Radiators and Towel Rails

    Scirocco started in 1989 when Maria Pia Bertona ventured into the world of radiators in the Province of Modena.

  • Underfloor or Radiators?

    Underfloor? Radiators? Whilst both central heating systems have advantages it can be hard to decide which system is right for you.

  • All you need to know about cooling

    We need heating around 200 days of the year but during the warmer summer months, a little cooling is needed to take the edge off those days.

  • Why we chose Attack

    Attack is one of Europe’s leading specialist manufacturers of solid fuel and biomass-fired boilers based in Slovakia.

  • Confidence in your heating system

    So, you’ve been working with our sales team and decided on the heating system you would like in your home.

  • PurePods

    Total privacy, total immersion, totally New Zealand. PurePods provides you with your own slice of paradise.

  • 5 Benefits to Servicing Your Heating System

    So, you’ve had your heating system in your home for almost a year and realised your annual servicing is coming up…we get it, life gets busy and next thing you…

  • We love quality

    At Central Heating New Zealand, we value quality, in fact, we love it! We believe that the products we import to New Zealand and install into your homes must be…

  • Health. Home. Heating.

    What makes a home healthy? Is it the sun beaming through every floor to ceiling glass panel? Is it the lemon tree growing outside to give you the citrus boost…

  • Wealth of experience

    As Galadriel from The Lord of the Ring said: “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”.

  • Central Heating Road Show

    What felt like a journey to the end of the earth turned out to be a very successful initiative to share the new Firebird Diesel Boiler, Elco Blue Technology Burner and…

  • More hands on deck

    As Central Heating New Zealand grows so does the need for more hands on deck.

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