• Building for the Future: Central Heating NZ and Rinnai Break Ground on Innovative Facility

    Central Heating New Zealand and Rinnai are proud to announce that ground works have started at their new site, this is an exciting development making the project come to life.

  • Exciting News: Introducing Our Innovative Training Van 

    We are excited to unveil a first in New Zealand that's been over a year in the making - our brand new Training Van! This unique project is designed to…

  • Transcontinental Central Heating Experience

    Tony is a highly experienced individual in the central heating industry, having worked in both the UK and New Zealand as a qualified gas and heating technician.

  • Trilingual and Passionate

    Kelvin, who was born in Hong Kong, spent most of his childhood in Auckland.

  • Ideal fit for Sales Support

    Rachelle, a true native of Canterbury, has always been attracted to the Port Hills and Rivers of Christchurch.

  • First Hand Experience and Knowledge

    With 10 years of experience and product knowledge from working within plumbing and merchant channels in the Wellington region, the opportunity to transition over to hydronic systems was an easy…

  • Muddy Good Run

    Last month several of our keen staff members entered the annual Muddy Good Run based in Canterbury.

  • Practical and Technical Experience

    Introducing our Engineering Manager James, many of you will know him as he has been working at CHNZ for the past 12 years and initially joined the team as a…

  • Purchasing, Passion, and Baking Talents

    With experience in production, supply, design, production planning, and admin it is easy to see why Amy is the perfect fit for our Purchasing and Demand Manager role.

  • Efficient support and help

    At Central Heating New Zealand, we believe in valuing the strengths of others in the team.