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The Spreader Plate system suits new or existing build projects with joisted floors. An aluminum spreader plate is fitted between the joists allowing for the pipe to be pressed into the spreader plate, the heat from the pipe is transferred into the spreader plate which transfers the heat to the floor surface, heating the space above.

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The Spreader Plate system should ideally be used in areas that do not require high output and are most effective with boiler powered systems. An example of an ideal application for spreader plate underfloor heating is upper floor bedrooms, the output from this system is likely to be suitable for this application however any living or bathroom areas where the system is installed will likely require supplementary heating at times.

The Spreader Plate System makes pouring a concrete slab or screed over the pipe unnecessary, making it ideal for new and existing homes, as well as for underfloor systems in multi-storey homes.

Spreader Plate with pipe
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