• Why we chose Attack

    Attack is one of Europe’s leading specialist manufacturers of solid fuel and biomass-fired boilers based in Slovakia.

  • Gas Central Heating

    Gas central heating is one of the most popular heat sources available for warm water central heating world-wide.

  • PurePods

    Total privacy, total immersion, totally New Zealand. PurePods provides you with your own slice of paradise.

  • Why we chose Baxi

    In 1866, founder Richard Baxendale started Baxendale & Sons (Baxi) based in Preston, Lancashire.

  • Health. Home. Heating.

    What makes a home healthy? Is it the sun beaming through every floor to ceiling glass panel? Is it the lemon tree growing outside to give you the citrus boost…

  • Central Heating Road Show

    What felt like a journey to the end of the earth turned out to be a very successful initiative to share the new Firebird Diesel Boiler, Elco Blue Technology Burner and…

  • How safe is my boiler?

    A faulty boiler can have several knock-on effects. It can cost more to run, leave you without heat in the winter and, at worst, is dangerous.
  • Support every step of the way

    Since 2003, Central Heating New Zealand has helped more than 8,000 families transform their homes and their lives.
  • World's first hydrogen powered boiler

    On 25th June, the world's first hydrogen powered domestic boiler will be put into operation in a real life situation in Rozenburg, the Netherlands.