• Importance of Floor Probes

    Hydronic underfloor heating, first adopted in Scandanavian countries in the 1950s and 1960s, has gained popularity as a central heating choice in Europe and North America.

  • Underfloor, Radiators or Both?

    Hydronic central heating stands out as the optimal heating solution for all types of homes.

  • Transcontinental Central Heating Experience

    Tony is a highly experienced individual in the central heating industry, having worked in both the UK and New Zealand as a qualified gas and heating technician.

  • The convenience of a sustainable whole home heating solution

    Central heating is a complete system that moves away from the New Zealand norm of having one heat source in the living area, leaving the rest of the home cold…

  • Heating Comfort and Why The Experts Get It Wrong

    Feeling ComfortableEveryone has a different personal level of comfort. But there are some key things that enable some heating systems to make a home extremely comfortable.

  • National Road Show 2021

    In March, our trailer was packed and filled to the brim with all things central heating.

  • Underfloor or Radiators?

    Underfloor? Radiators? Whilst both central heating systems have advantages it can be hard to decide which system is right for you.

  • How to be Warm & Cool

    We recently moved into our new self-managed build in Lincoln.

  • Confidence in your heating system

    So, you’ve been working with our sales team and decided on the heating system you would like in your home.

  • PurePods

    Total privacy, total immersion, totally New Zealand. PurePods provides you with your own slice of paradise.

  • Manawatu Home and Lifestyle Show

    Want to know more about installing underfloor central heating in your new home or retrofitting radiators into your current?  Bring your plans and ideas to us at the Manawatu Home…
  • Support every step of the way

    Since 2003, Central Heating New Zealand has helped more than 8,000 families transform their homes and their lives.